Get Help With Speaking Spanish

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How can I ask for help with speaking Spanish?

Get Help With Speaking Spanish

If you don't know how to speak Spanish, or speak only a little, there are five phrases that will really help you. If you don't speak Spanish at all, try to learn the following phrases: * I don't speak Spanish. - No hablo español. * Is there someone here who speaks English? - ¿Hay alguien aquí que hable inglés? For those who speak some Spanish, try the following to make sure you have grasped what someone else is saying: * Can you repeat, please? - Repite, por favor. * Please speak slowly. - Lentamente, por favor. Finally, if you speak a great deal of Spanish, but are missing a few vital Spanish words, you can ask: * How do you say ... in Spanish? - ¿Cómo se dice ... en español? These phrases will get you out of difficulty or keep conversation flowing, depending on how well you speak Spanish. If you don't speak Spanish at all or need some help with pronunciation, there are many websites with MP3 files so you can hear the correct pronunciation.



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