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How can I prepare to teach a homeschool Spanish curriculum?

Preparing To Homeschool In Spanish

To prepare to teach for a homeschool Spanish curriculum, parents should: * Find out what their child's interests are, so you can build the Spanish curriculum around those interests * Find out whether their child prefers practical activities or book learning * Find out whether their child copes better with structured or unstructured lessons * Find out what resources their local library has to support Spanish teaching * Find out what courses are taking place in their town to support the homeschool Spanish curriculum

What are the benefits of a home school Spanish curriculum for students?

Home Schooling Benefits For Students

Following a home school Spanish curriculum has several benefits for your child. A home school Spanish curriculum, like other home school subjects: * Makes children responsible for their own learning * Boosts creativity * Increases children's curiosity * Makes learning Spanish exciting * Allows personal attention which can be lacking in a classroom *Allows children to learn Spanish at their own pace *Allows parents to turn every activity into a learning activity. Children who follow a home school Spanish curriculum will learn skills that will help them when they start to work.

Will my child have to take tests for a homeschool Spanish curriculum?

Testing Homeschool Spanish

Testing for a homeschool Spanish curriculum will depend on the region where teaching is taking place. Some countries and some US states prescribe which tests must be taken at which stage. Some standardized tests may be given at home. In areas that are less prescriptive, there is no need for formal evaluation. However, as part of the homeschool Spanish curriculum, parents will evaluate their children's work and progress.

Where can I find a home school Spanish curriculum?

Locating A Home School Spanish Curriculum

Several options for a homeschool Spanish curriculum are available on the Internet. These include comprehensive resource packs with teaching materials which include: * Spanish language teaching * Spanish songs and stories * Spanish culture However, parents can also search the Internet for free material to help their children learn Spanish. There are web sites that offer free Spanish lessons. There are also language schools where students can follow an immersion course to support their home school Spanish curriculum. provides links to several Spanish curriculum resources.

What are the benefits of a home school Spanish curriculum for parents?

Home Schooling Benefits For Parents

Helping your children to follow a home school Spanish curriculum has several benefits for parents. Parents who are using a home school Spanish curriculum can: * Control when children learn Spanish and what they learn * Give children personal attention while they learn Spanish * Spend quality time with their children to support the home school Spanish curriculum * Learn Spanish themselves * Use a wide variety of resources and experiences to help their children learn Spanish.

What qualifications do I need to teach my child a homeschool Spanish curriculum?

Getting Qualified To Homeschool In Spanish

Parents do not need to be experts in the Spanish language to follow a homeschool Spanish curriculum with their child. To help children learn Spanish, it is more important for homeschooling parents to know what they don't know and be willing to learn and to be able to follow the instructions in parents' guides. Some states require that parents have a high school diploma. A few ask that parents have a college degree. However, no piece of paper is as important as parents' commitment and enthusiasm.

How much will a homeschool Spanish curriculum cost?

Paying The Price of Learning Spanish At Home

The cost of a homeschool Spanish curriculum will depend on the Spanish curriculum you choose. A ready-made homeschool Spanish curriculum can cost hundreds of dollars or more. However, parents can also choose to create a homeschool Spanish curriculum from freely available materials. These include material available in the community or at libraries. Many libraries have books, CDs, DVDs and other resources to help homeschool students learn Spanish and other languages. Using some of these resources can reduce the cost of a homeschool Spanish curriculum to an affordable level.

How can I support my child's learning during a home school Spanish curriculum?

Supporting Spanish Learning

There are many ways to support your child who is following a homeschool Spanish curriculum. Some possibilities to consider to help your child learn Spanish include: * Watching movies in Spanish * Eating out at a place where the waiters speak Spanish * Visiting a Spanish-speaking region such as Mexico or South America * Set up an exchange program with a homeschooler in a Spanish-speaking country * Finding a native speaker of Spanish to talk to These suggestions will support any home school Spanish curriculum. They will also help your child have fun while learning Spanish.

How do I choose a home school Spanish curriculum that is right for my child?

How To Choose A Home School Spanish Curriculum

Choosing a home school Spanish curriculum is the same as choosing a curriculum for any home school subject. Parents have to know how their children learn. Questions to ask include: * does your child prefer practical activities? * Does your child enjoy reading? * Does your child like spontaneity and flexibility? * Does your child prefer to have a set schedule? The answers to these questions will help parents decide which type of home school Spanish curriculum to choose. A child who prefers practical activities might enjoy a Spanish curriculum that features opportunities to practice Spanish in real life situations. A child who enjoys reading might prefer to learn Spanish from books before starting to do something practical.

Do I need to speak Spanish fluently to teach a homeschool Spanish curriculum?

Speaking Spanish For Homeschooling

Although speaking fluent Spanish will help parents with a homeschool Spanish curriculum, this is not essential. There are many resources to help parents help their children to learn Spanish. Some tips to help parents teach Spanish at home include: * Use books with pronunciation guides * Listen to audio tapes to get the Spanish accent right * Watch a film you know really well, but use the Spanish sound track * Go to activities at a local Spanish speaking organization * Keep one step ahead of your children Parents who follow these steps will be able to help their children learn Spanish. Parents can also consider supplementing the homeschool Spanish curriculum with external courses and events to reinforce what is learned at home.

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