Supporting Spanish Learning

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How can I support my child's learning during a home school Spanish curriculum?

Supporting Spanish Learning

There are many ways to support your child who is following a homeschool Spanish curriculum. Some possibilities to consider to help your child learn Spanish include: * Watching movies in Spanish * Eating out at a place where the waiters speak Spanish * Visiting a Spanish-speaking region such as Mexico or South America * Set up an exchange program with a homeschooler in a Spanish-speaking country * Finding a native speaker of Spanish to talk to These suggestions will support any home school Spanish curriculum. They will also help your child have fun while learning Spanish.



12/28/2007 8:47:43 AM
Lloyd N Davidson said:

Am teaching Spanish, my second language after + or - 30 years working in Latin America, sans grammar, to a student who has an excellent vocabulario of words but lacks practice which I am able to provide.


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