Degrees Of Difference

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How is Castilian Spanish different from Latin American Spanish?

Degrees Of Difference

There are three important pronunciation differences between Castilian Spanish (castellano) and Latin American Spanish. * The first is the pronunciation of 'z' and 'c' before 'i' and 'e'. In Castilian Spanish, they have a 'th' sound similar to the sound at the start of 'thing'. In Latin American Spanish, they have an 's' sound, similar to the first letter of 'Spanish'. * In Castilian Spanish, the 'll' and 'y' sounds are pronounced like the sound at the start of 'yellow'. In Latin American Spanish, they are pronounced more like the sound at the start of 'jug'. * In Castilian Spanish, the 'x' is pronounced as a 'sh' or 'th' sound, while in Latin American Spanish it is generally pronounced 'ks' as in English. There are also two important grammatical differences between Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish. It is important for those who wish to learn to speak Spanish correctly to learn these. * The first is the use of 'vosotros' as the plural form of the informal 'tu' (you) in Spain. In Latin America 'ustedes' is used. * The second is 'leismo'. This means the use of 'le' instead of 'lo' for the direct object. This is common in some parts of Spain, but is unusual in Latin America. Don't worry if you learn to speak Spanish with a Castilian accent but are traveling in South America. Despite these differences speakers of Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish can easily be understood by each other.



6/24/2011 9:46:46 PM
Colin Q. said:

I disagree about the pronunciation o "x" among spaniards. Excelent (eks theh len te). México. The x in mexico is basically the same as jota. Like when they say mexican, mejicano. Also I find many spaniards pronounce ll like yellow, many pronounce y (igriega) like jar (yate, por ejemplo). Finally many latin americans can pronounce ll and y as either j and j, or y

11/29/2011 4:22:38 PM
Jose said:

This is terrible. You are assuming that all Spanish from Spain is Castilian and this is not correct. Most people from Spain do not speak Castilian but the variation from their own land as, in Valencia , they speak "Valenciano" and in Andalucia "Andaluz", etc. Castilian is also spoken on a couple of areas in South America. Not every country in Latin America speaks as in the "mexican/Central American" sterotype. Asuming that, is just plain ignorance of the Spanish Language (Castellano)


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