Help For Spanish Teachers

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Where can teachers find a Spanish lesson plan to help them teach Spanish?

Help For Spanish Teachers

An Internet search for 'free Spanish lesson plan' will help teachers to find online resources to assist their students with learning Spanish. Some of the free online Spanish resources include: * EspañOlé.org has a section for teachers. In addition to Spanish lesson plans for both older and younger students, the site has information on Spanish history, Spanish literature, Spanish-speaking countries and cooking. These resources will help students who are learning Spanish. There are also links to Spanish teachers' sites, professional associations and book publishers. * has a Spanish section on its website. One section of that site contains Spanish lesson plans for Spanish teachers. Each Spanish lesson plan covers a different subject, such as greetings, leisure, shopping and much more. There are also downloadable worksheets to help students with learning Spanish on their own. * offers free tools that teachers can use to help their students with learning Spanish. These include verb conjugation worksheets, verb games and a newsletter on Spanish culture. * has links to more than 50 free online Spanish lessons that that teachers can use to support their students. These are just a selection of the Spanish lesson plans that are available free online.



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