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Where can I get free Spanish lessons?

Free Spanish Options

Free Spanish lessons are available from hundreds of Internet sites. A search for 'free Spanish lessons' will provide links to web sites and educational institutions worldwide that offer allow people to learn Spanish online free. Some examples are: * offers several free lessons. The organization hopes that web users will buy its Visual Link Spanish program. However, web users do not have to do this and can still use the free Spanish lessons. * offers 25 free Spanish lessons and 12 Flash movies to help web users learn to speak Spanish online. There are also free specialist resources. * The BBC languages website offers free online Spanish courses for beginners and intermediate speakers of Spanish. These are supported by a wide range of quality resources, such as online magazines and video and audio material. These are just three examples of the free Spanish lesson available online. It is best to assess what kind of Spanish lesson you need before deciding on a course.



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