Help Children To Learn Spanish

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How can I help my young children to learn Spanish?

Help Children To Learn Spanish

A crucial aspect of helping young children to learn Spanish is enabling passive listening. This means that children listen to spoken Spanish without being aware that they are learning anything. If Spanish is spoken around the home, this can be one way of encouraging passive listening. Another strategy is to use Spanish language television and radio. Once children have started to learn Spanish, parents can help by going through drills with them. These can be made into games or can be part of songs. Just as parents use alphabet and counting songs in English, similar songs can be used to help young children learn Spanish well. Parents should encourage their children to speak Spanish, even if they don't always get it right. Reading Spanish picture books with young children is another way to help them learn basic Spanish words. This is the same strategy that is used to teach basic English words to children. Parents can find Spanish picture books at their local library or on the Internet.



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