Coping With Spanish Consonants

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Where can I get help with pronouncing consonants in Spanish?

Coping With Spanish Consonants

Most Spanish consonants are softer than their English equivalents, with the exception of the strong 'r' and 'rr' sounds. Online educational websites include both easy consonants (the ones that are pronounced similarly to English) and difficult consonants (the ones where Spanish pronunciation has to be learned). Some sites have audio that web users can hear when listening for the correct pronunciation of words. Some of the consonants that differ from English include: * 'b' and 'v', which are identical in Spanish and are similar in pronunciation to the 'b' in 'belly' * 'd' is pronounced like the 'th' in that when it falls between vowels * 'r' is pronounced a bit like the 'dd' in 'bedding' * 'rr' is a purring sound, where the tongue flaps against the roof of the mouth.



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