Silent Spanish

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How do you pronounce 'h' and 'll' in Spanish?

Silent Spanish

In Spanish, the 'h' is always silent. However, an equivalent to the 'h' sound does exist. Words that begin with 'j' in Spanish are pronounced as if they began with an 'h' in English. Examples are 'jota' and . The letter 'g' when it precedes 'e' or 'i' is also pronounced like an 'h' as in 'Geronimo'. To learn to speak Spanish correctly it is essential to get to grips with this sound. There are also other silent letters in words of Greek origin, such as psicoanalizar (to psychoanalyze). The double 'l is pronounced differently depending on which Spanish dialect is being spoken. In some dialects 'll' is pronounced 'ly' as in llorar - to cry, while in others it is almost a guttural 'j'.



8/4/2006 1:05:11 PM
Kenneth Kawamura said:

"Examples are 'jota' and ."
The second example appears to be missing.
Pray tell, what is it?


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