Emergency Spanish Travel Phrases

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Which Spanish travel phrases will help me with emergencies?

Emergency Spanish Travel Phrases

The following Spanish travel phrases and words will help travelers in case of emergency. * Help! - ¡Socorro! * I've lost my passport - He perdido mi pasaporte. * Is there a police station nearby? - ¿Hay comisería cerca? * My address is - Mi dirección es * Can you help me? - ¿Puede-usted ayudarme? * Could you please call a doctor? - ¿Podría llamar a un médico, por favor? * Fire! - ¡Fuego! * ambulance - la ambulancia * police - policía * casualty/accident and emergency - urgencias * There's been an accident - ¡Ha habido un accidente! * I want to report a theft - Quiero denunciar un robo



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