A Spanish Stay: Words for Travelers

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Which Spanish travel phrases will help me with accommodation?

A Spanish Stay: Words for Travelers

Sorting out hotels and accommodation is a key aspect of traveling. Travelers to Spanish-speaking countries will find the following Spanish travel phrases and words useful when booking accommodation. * Do you have any vacancies? - ¿Hay habitaciones libres? * I'd like a single/double room, please. - Quisiera una habitación sencilla/doble, por favor. * May I see the room? - ¿Podria ver la habitacion? * What does it cost per night/per week? - ¿Cuanto cuesta por noche/semana? * Are meals included? - ¿Incluye la comida? * I would like a room with a shower - Quisiera una habitacion con ducha, por favor. * We would like to stay for three nights - Pensamos quedarnos tres noches. * room service - el servicio de habitaciones, el servicio en cuarto * reservation - la reservación * tip - la propina * hotel - el hotel



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