Get Help With Spanish Words

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How can I get help with Spanish words on holiday?

Get Help With Spanish Words

If you're going on holiday and are struggling with Spanish, help is at hand. There are three main options for translating words and phrases while on holiday. These are: * a Spanish phrase book * an English to Spanish translator * a Spanish-English dictionary (or an English-Spanish dictionary). An English to Spanish translator provides translation of common words and phrases. The translator will sound these out, so that the person using it doesn't even have to speak. The English to Spanish translation is very good for most everyday situations. Most translators are portable and pocket-sized. A Spanish phrase book provides many of the same words and phrases. Although readers cannot hear how the words are said, most phrase books have a pronunciation guide to help people make themselves understood in Spanish. Spanish dictionaries come in many sizes, depending on the level of the user and the Spanish vocabulary that may be needed. Pocket Spanish dictionaries have many more words and phrases than a phrase book or translator, laid out in alphabetical order. Spanish dictionaries are best for people who already have a basic command of Spanish. Spanish dictionaries help people to find the Spanish words they need to communicate efficiently.



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