Spanish Eating

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Which Spanish words and phrases will help me order food?

Spanish Eating

Two useful phrases for travelers who are staying in a private home are 'tengo hambre' which means 'I am hungry' and 'tengo sed' which means 'I am thirsty'. Travelers who wish to eat out in a 'ristorante' (restaurant) will need to learn Spanish words and phrases such as: * Quiero - I would like * Quiero ver el menú, por favor - I would like to see the menu, please * Quiero pedir, por favor - I would like to order, please * La cuenta, por favor - may I have the bill, please * camarero - waiter * pollo - chicken * pez - fish * biftec - steak * ensalada verde - green salad * ensalada mixta - mixed salad * arroz - rice * patatas - potatoes * patatas fritas - fries * manzana - apple * naranja - orange * tomate - tomato * agua - water * vino - wine * cerveza - beer * café - coffee * té - tea. It is also useful to understand when waiter are asking customers questions. * Quiere algo a comer? - Would you like something to eat? * Quiere algo a beber? - Would you like something to drink? These basic phrases will help with ordering food in a restaurant. For more advanced vocabulary, consider looking up Spanish words in a Spanish-English dictionary or a Spanish translator.



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