How To Choose A Spanish Tutor

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How should I choose a tutor to help me with learning Spanish?

How To Choose A Spanish Tutor

There are three questions to ask when choosing a tutor to help with learning Spanish. * How long has the tutor been giving Spanish lessons? A new tutor may be up-to-date on the Spanish language (including slang). An older tutor will have the benefit of experience. * Does the tutor have any teaching qualifications? Not every Spanish speaker is a good teacher. Consider getting Spanish lessons from a qualified tutor. * Is the tutor a native speaker of Spanish? While this is not essential, getting Spanish lessons from a native speaker will improve you accent and vocabulary. Asking these questions will help you to find out whether a particular tutor is the right person to give you Spanish lessons. Once you've found out the cost of Spanish lessons and when the tutor is available, you'll be well on the way to getting help with learning Spanish.



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