Spanish Libre

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Do I have to pay for online Spanish lessons?

Spanish Libre

There are many free online Spanish lessons. Many sites that offer Spanish lessons provide sample lessons that Internet users can try. There are hundreds of sites offering this type of Spanish lesson. Many of the Spanish immersion courses also offer sample materials on their web sites. This is a good way to begin to learn Spanish online. Finally, there are entire courses that are given away free. Many of these Spanish courses are designed to be worked through online, though a computer user with the right software could download the Spanish lessons for intensive study. These courses cover useful phrases, vocabulary and even grammar. They will help anyone who wishes to speak Spanish more fluently.



11/13/2006 9:17:13 PM
Virginia said:

This should be titled: "Spanish Gratis." Gratis means free of charge in Spanish. Libre means free as in liberty, freedom of rights etc.


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