Of Muletas And Matadors

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What is bullfighting?

Of Muletas And Matadors

Bullfighting is an integral part of Spanish culture, but it did not start in Spain. Bullfighting was practiced in Rome and also by the Moors who entered Spain via Andalucía in 711. Within a century, bullfighting had become part of royal spectacle in Spain. The Moors used to attack bulls on horseback, while men on foot used capes to lure the bulls into the correct position. In 1726, Francisco Romero introduced the sword (estoque) and the small cape (muleta) which is still used by matadors today. Matadors and picadors are two essential components of bullfighting. Picadors wound the bull so that it bends its head and matadors (the stars of the show) administer the final killing blow. Bullfighting also takes place in other countries with a Spanish culture or heritage, including Portugal, Latin America and the South of France. Bullfighting is a controversial aspect of Spanish culture because it is thought to be cruel to the bulls.



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