Let's Get Conversational - For Free!

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How can I learn conversational Spanish without spending money?

Let's Get Conversational - For Free!

There are hundreds of websites that offer free lessons to help people improve their conversational Spanish. Some of these lessons are teasers for a more advanced program, while others are freely available. There are several types of conversational Spanish lessons available. * There are text-based lessons, which consist of an online worksheet. This may be illustrated to help with comprehension. * There may be online presentations, using Flash or another presentation technology. * There may be video presentations showing conversational Spanish in various situations. Most of the sites that offer free conversational Spanish lessons contain links to other resources to help those who are learning Spanish. It is worth browsing through these links, as they may lead to other free resources.



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Mario andres escobar moreira said:

Hay alguien a quien Le interese hablar español


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