Voyaging Through Spanish Vowels

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How do you pronounce vowel sounds in Spanish?

Voyaging Through Spanish Vowels

Those who want to learn to speak Spanish correctly need to learn how to pronounce Spanish vowels. The good news is that Spanish vowels are pronounced the same way every time. Once you've learned them, you'll never have to worry about it again. Pronunciation of Spanish vowels is as follows: * a - this sounds like the 'a' in cat (example: papa, which means 'father') * e - this sounds like the 'ay' in day (example: pelo, which means 'hair') * i - this sounds like the 'ee' in feet (example: listo, which means 'ready') * o - this sounds like the 'o' in bone, but is shorter (example: caro, which means 'dear') * u - this sounds like the 'oo' in zoo, but is shorter (example: tu, which means 'you') Vowels can also be combined with each other to form diphthongs. Diphthongs combine weak and strong vowels to form a new sound. An example of this is founed in the word 'bueno', meaning 'good', in which the 'ue' diphthong sounds similar to the English word 'way'.



1/18/2009 12:31:11 PM
pjh said:

Isn't it 'a' as in ah.


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